medgidia craziness!

Hey everybody! Sorry about the lack of updates lately, we have been buried up to our heads in daily activities, visits, evangelizing, tasks, church, etc.. needless to say we are all enjoying this experience so very very much! It is still hard to believe we all finally made it here, even in the last few days. God has opened all of our hearts to show us his unconditional love for all of his people; our brothers and sisters across the world. We are experiencing what it is like to see through His eyes I can say for myself and the others on our team that our lives will never be the same once returning home to our many possessions and blessings.  I have a new profound appreciation for toilets, running water, a nice bed, and especially nice weather, among many other things.  Our hearts are breaking at the mere sight of the living conditions some people endure. Seeing the pure raw joy we are so blessed to bring the children, with the simplest games and activities that they appreciate so much brings tears to my eyes. To know that in that moment, they can forget what they have to deal with outside of vacation bible school and just jump around and sing, play, draw, etc is really unexplainable  The eyes of the children are the most magnificent eyes I have ever peered into.  These eyes are so beautiful yet so heartbreaking when you see the pain behind them that they constantly try to conceal.Well, breaktime over. We miss all of you in our homeland and can’t wait to share more!

xoxo Heather 

19 days and counting!

Hey everyone! 

I can’t believe that were already less than 3 weeks away from leaving for ROMANIA! Wow! God has really been blessing our team with multiple fundraising opportunities! We recently had a silent auction at Calvary Chapel Beachside (who is also partnering up with our team) and the auction lasted two days! We were able to hold the auction June 11-12, which was so generous of the church to kep that space open extra long for us (thanks again!). June 12, CCBeachside held a potluck in our favor, food and fellowship was plentiful and the body of the church not only made lots of food, but made donations to our team! We are so grateful to the people of Calvary Chapel Beachside as well as our family and friends that supported us greatly this weekend! Thank you so much! Every prayer and dollar sent our way blesses our team like crazy!

We have just locked down that we will be having a Vacation Bible School while in Romania! Praise God! We are all so excited as a team and cant wait to show Gods love to even the youngest kids! If any of you reading this have any kind of donations that may help us with hosting this VBS please contact one of us on the team! Send an email, facebook message, text, phone call or carrier pigeon to any one on the team you may know and we will get a hold of you! We are on the hunt for anything, especially coloring books,crayons,markers,glue,construction paper,foamy stickers,stickers,scissors,glitter,small toys,face paint,glow sticks and anything else you can think of!!

Thanks again so much for constantly being a huge help to our team by just reading this blog! As the days pass, I hope to blog a bit more and get more into a rythm for when we are in Romania!

Blessings and Love!


the blessings are overflowing!

Hello all!

I cannot believe we are already into the month of May! So many things to be thankful for the past month for our team! God is surely blessing us in so many ways! 

A few weeks back, our team was a part of the Golden West Swapmeet in Huntington Beach and let me tell you, God blessed us ten fold! we raised over $1000.00!!!! The weather was lovely and we didn’t get too sunburnt! This Saturday, May 14, we have plans to have another yard sale and hopefully it will be as fruitful as the last. So if you are free please make it down to the Golden West swapmeet this weekend! we will be there till about 2:30 or 3pm. Come and check out our goods and enjoy fellowship with the team before we head off in two months!

In about two weeks, on May 28th from 5-10pm we will be hosting a spagetti dinner open house for our friends and family, this will be a fundraiser so whatever donation you can give would be greatly appreciated! No donation is too small! Come and enjoy a time of talking with us, connecting as family and friends and enjoying eachothers company! Remember this is an open house so come whenever best suits your schedule that evening! We would love to see the house full! 

2217 Florida st. apt# 3&4

Huntington Beach, CA

Last but not least, we wil be having out huge silent auction June 11! We will be sending out more notifications as the time draws near, but if anyone out there in cyberland has connections to donations, please feel free to contact any of us on the team and set something up for a donation if you feel the need! It would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading and keeping up with us as a team! Your support is felt by all of us on the team and we are so thankful for that!


thank you’s and new news!

Hello everyone! 

So sorry it has been ages since an update, it seems like spring has just literally sprung up with all sorts of business as well as amazing opportunities for this trip! God has been so faithful to our team and we are so thankful for your overwhelming support on all levels!

We do want to thank all of you who cam and supported us at our car wash a few weeks back on April 9! We were able to raise over $640.00 for our team! Thank you for your prayers, cars, helping hands and spreading the word! If you weren’t able to make it, we will defiantly be having some more in the near future as it gets closer to our trip and as the weather warms up! Keep checking back here as we will be updating on certain events!

Our next event is coming up quickly, next week in fact! We will be at the Golden West swap meet April 30! Come by and cheek out our goods! Speaking of which we are also accepting donations for our swap meet extravaganza and our silent auction! So if you have any items you would like to donate please let one of us know! If anyone knows who may have a mini projector what would let us borrow it we would greatly appreciate that as well, we are wanting to collaborate our creative geniuses and showcase God’s love and beauty in various locations (vague but….we need a mini projector!) :)

God is blessing us majorly lately. As of now we are practicing a drama to bring over to Romania and we are all very excited about how God will speak through it! So much is happening right now, God is just pouring out His blessings on us with love and confirmation of this trip!

Thanks to everyone again! Come see us at the GOLDENWEST SWAPMEET! (off of Golden west and Edinger in Huntington Beach on April 30! Don’t forget about donations we accept anything! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Lots of Love!